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People have been troubled about the Secretary of State’s office and they brought their concerns to my attention. I have carefully reviewed the performance of the Secretary of State and found that there was good reason for worry. A number of serious errors have been made. County Recorders and Election Directors around the State have lost confidence in the Office. The threat of malicious interference in our elections hangs in the air without the confidence that we will overcome the threat.

Elections are the bedrock of our democracy. The Secretary of State is the Chief Elections Officer of the State and that is by far the most important function of the Office. Arizona has made national and international news for our election woes. The Office has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology that didn’t work.

Arizona needs a Secretary of State who can solve problems. Someone who will take the responsibilities of the Office seriously and discharge them in a way that will give all voters confidence in the process. Someone who will not waste taxpayer money. Someone who is a conservative Republican.

The Secretary of State’s office is not a business, but it is very similar to one. It is an organization of about 200 people with a budget of about $20 million. As a CEO, I've managed comparable budgets and employees for most of my career. My background will allow me to step in and be effective on day one. I will bring order, discipline and accountability to a troubled organization and I will restore confidence in the office.

It would be my honor to serve the people of Arizona.