About Steve Gaynor


Steve was born and raised in New York and has lived in Arizona for 37 years. His wife of 31 years, Dorothy, is an Arizona native. They have 3 adult children, all of whom have attended college in Arizona and live in the Phoenix metro area. The Gaynor family is devoted to Arizona and wants to see it prosper and avoid becoming a mess like California.

Steve has many interests besides business and politics. He likes sports both as a spectator and a participant. He also enjoys staying up to date on architecture, agriculture, medicine, and exercise physiology.

Dorothy is actively involved in the arts, and the Gaynors have supported a number of artistic organizations in Arizona, including Scottsdale Artists School, Theater Artists Studio, Arizona Opera, and the National Society of Arts and Letters. They have also supported a number of charitable organizations including SAARC, Great Hearts Academy, and John C. Lincoln Hospital (now Honor Health).


After graduating from Harvard Business School, Steve worked in a number of industries before purchasing a small printing company in west Phoenix in 1988. In the early 2000's he bought a printing plant in Denver and started one from scratch in Los Angeles. By 2007, the company had grown to about 350 employees and about $50 million in sales. That year he sold the Denver and Phoenix plants, leaving him with a commercial printing plant in Los Angeles which he still owns.

During his almost forty years in business he has grown businesses organically and by acquisition, done turnarounds, and started businesses from scratch. He has extensive experience in manufacturing, information technology, business law, and accounting. He has also invested in real estate, publicly traded securities, and early-stage companies. Steve is a fiscal conservative. He funded the growth of his businesses without the use of debt.


Steve is a strong philosophical and fiscal conservative. As a businessman, he knows that government does not create economic value directly; only the private sector does that. That is why he believes it is very important for government to foster an environment in which the private sector can flourish.

Steve has first-hand experience with the role government has played in the decline of California. He knows how much damage can be done to a state's economy in a short period of time. That is why he opposes Democrats who want to make Arizona into a suburb of L.A.

Steve supports the policies and achievements of the Trump administration, including boosting employment through lower tax rates, appointing judges who will interpret the law instead of legislating from the bench, and challenging the status quo in troubled foreign relationships such as with Iran, North Korea and China.