Steve's Plan

Restore Voter Confidence

Steve will work to preserve and strengthen Arizona’s requirement for proof of citizenship to ensure that only United States citizens vote.

Follow the Law

Unlike our incumbent, Steve will ensure that the Secretary of State’s Office follows all of the laws governing elections. The Election Procedures Manual required by A.R.S. 16-452 will be published on time. Information pamphlets will be timely mailed. Confidence will be restored.

Improve the Law

Several aspects of Arizona election law need to be updated and improved. Areas such as ballot harvesting, the procedures to fill vacancies and redistricting are examples. Steve will work with the legislature to update and revise these statutes.

Save Money

Steve will not tolerate failed information technology projects that are years behind and over budget. He will assess the entire Department of State to streamline operations and reduce cost.

Rebuild Relationships

In January 2017, all 15 County Recorders wrote to Michele Reagan stating their relationship was “in dire straits.” This remains the case today. Steve will establish respectful, cooperative working relationships with the County Recorders and all other parties who depend on the Secretary of State.

Take Cybersecurity Seriously

There is good cause for concern that our election infrastructure is vulnerable to attack. Our election systems are a high priority target for our enemies. In a recent outside evaluation, Arizona scored a “D” in election security, and was in the bottom third of the 50 states. Governor Ducey has established the Arizona Cybersecurity Team to protect Arizona from cyber attacks. Steve has the background in information technology to make sure that the Team and the Secretary of State’s office work together effectively to improve and secure Arizona’s election systems.